Wednesday, 22 October 2014

label.m Protein Spray

label.m Protein Spray

So, I have to admit my poor hair has been neglected over the past year or so. It went through the wars of dying/stripping/more dying, so I just left it and grew out all of the (red at the time) dye.

It was all well and good growing out the colour, but the quality, softness and shine had just disappeared, my hair was completely ruined.

The ends of my hair had gotten so bad they literally looked like they had been singed in a fire, so i thought enough was enough, the neglect couldn't go on much longer. I booked a wash, cut, blow-dry and deep treatment at Toni & Guy (it was amazing).

I never usually go for the 'recommendations' they try to sell me at the salon, but I knew I had to keep my hair in good condition and look after it. The stylist recommended the label.m Protein Spray for shine, heat protection and to even out porosity.

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I have to say the thought of using 'protein' in my hair did make me laugh, but I thought I had to give it a go! The price is not too bad at £13.75 (I went straight home to compare online, and I had surprisingly got the cheapest deal!).

After showering I applied the product to damp hair, the smell was absolutely delicious.

This stuff is amazing and I can recommend it to anyone with any hair type who wants soft, shiny, healthy hair. I do not tend to blow dry my hair any more and leave it to dry naturally, but either way my hair is left feeling amazing and manageable.

Thank you for reading my post! Please let me know if you have any recommendations for my next one!



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